Smack Down™ Archery Target Set

Imagine an archery target where you can set it up literally anywhere, that can be enjoyed by the entire family, even an 84 year old great grandmother! It’s compact size makes it perfect for the backyard picnic, or any social gathering with family and friends. Set it up on the picnic table for quick and easy enjoyment!

This target set has four face targets on an acrylic base that you shoot with the included S.A.F.E. Archery® Longbow and arrows. Choose to knock the targets down or let them wobble without having to set them back up. Plug the target in and turn down the lights and the target faces illuminate with the black light base for some scary fun.

Choose your targets when ordering: Zombies, Clowns, Politicians or Balloons.

Target Faces available individually.

Comes with either a Storage Bag or Transport Case (choose when ordering).

Weight w/Bag: 18.5 lbs. Weight w/Case: 31 lbs.

Play the Smack Down™ "Challenge" and keep score on our ScoreRite™ Scoring System. (Sold separately.)

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Commercial Pricing & Options*
Zombie Smack Down Set w/Bag (introductory)$529.00
Clowns Smack Down Set w/Bag (introductory)$529.00
Politicians Smack Down Set w/Bag (introductor$529.00
Zombie #1 Target Face$39.00
Zombie #2 Target Face$39.00
Zombie #3 Target Face$39.00
Zombie #4 Target Farce$39.00
Clown #1 Target Face$39.00
Clown #2 Target Face$39.00
Clown #3 Target Face$39.00
Clown #4 Target Face$39.00
Biden Target Face$39.00
Trump Target Face$39.00
Schumer Target Face$39.00
McConnell Target Face$39.00
Transport Case (only)$169.00
Zombie Smack Down Set w/Case$679.00
Clowns Smack Down Set w/Case$679.00
Politicians Smack Down Set w/Case$659.00
Zombie Smack Down Target Only$299.00
Clowns Smack Down Target Only$299.00
Politicians Smack Down Target Only$299.00
Balloons Smack Down Set w/Bag$529.00
Balloons Smack Down Set w/Case$679.00
Balloon - Red Target$39.00
Balloon - Yellow Target$39.00
Balloon - Green Target$39.00
Balloon - Blue Target$39.00
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  • 1 - Smack Down™ 4 Foot Target Base
  • 1 - Black Light Strip (for scary fun in the dark)
  • 4 - Interchangeable Target Faces (swap out targets to offer variety & a unique experience)
  • 1 - S.A.F.E. Archery® Woodgrain Longbow
  • 8 - S.A.F.E. Archery® Arrows
  • 1 - Storage Bag or Transport Case (choose when ordering)