"Safe Archery is an amazing product that stays booked. The setup is easy and pain-free. It is great for all ages and customers."
Corey Kendrich
Pretty Lady Lemonade
"Your business excels in its customer service."
Jonathan Thompson
Recreation Seasonal Supervisor
Kiawah Island Golf Resort

“We are having so much fun bringing Archery to people who may have never had an opportunity to try Archery. My Girl Scout, Elizabeth, choose to bring S.A.F.E. Archery to Seniors in the Yorktown Rehabilitation and Residential Nursing Facility. We had a woman in her 90s shooting for the very first time in her life, and she liked it! We had the pleasure to engage quite a few people with our set!”
Kelly Sorrentino
Troop Leader
Girl Scouts of the Hudson

One of our members was at Cabela's and seen the Hover Archery Target and shared this information with us at our leadership meeting. We thought it would be a great opportunity to purchase one of these to be able to use at different events, including our anniversary event. When I contacted your company to purchase one, it was determined that it would not be available in time for our anniversary event. However, I did contact Cabela's and they brought theirs and worked our event!! The Hoverball target was one of the most popular events there. Knowing this, we could not wait to get our own.
Lee Brown
Heritage Country Church
What's so "cool" about the S.A.F.E. System is that adults enjoy shooting it as much as the youth! We have them stand further back so that it's more challenging. :-)
Blessings, Karen Howell

Thank you for your assistance on the new backdrop! You guys are fabulous to work with.
Karen Roy
Moonwalk Entertainment

Thanks for the excellent customer service!
Kent York
Director of Marketing/Communications
Northern Star Council, BSA
"Thank you to you and your time for your help along the way making it happen and keeping an eye on things along the way. Customer service is king!! Keep it up!!"
Alf Wilkes
Missionary & Ministry Coach
Northeast PA & Central NY
Word of Life Local Church Ministries

John, et al. at Global Archery,

I just wanted to forward a report on how the Hoverball has been instrumental in our ministry over 2018.

The Real Tree Archers is a Virginia chapter of Christian Bowhunters of America, and we decided that the Hoverball would be a wonderful way to introduce people, but especially youths, to archery and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Well, 2018 was a breakout year for us with the target. We had more requests for the target to be set up, especially at vacation bible schools, and with the use of a portable generator, we were able to set it up at a local fair and two street events as well.

I have attached a PowerPoint presentation of how the Hoverball impacted our ministry, but I also wanted to share a quick story.

At one of the street festivals, we had kids shooting for quite a while, and most all left with smiles on their faces. They usually can not walk by it without wanting to know what it was and if they can try it. Well, one young man came up and was able to hit one of the balls. As usual, we try to be very enthusiastic about commending them when they are successful. Well, this little boy really surprised me; when he was done, he actually hugged me. I can not express how much it caught me off guard, but it made me realize that maybe something like this will get them off the couch, phones, etc. and get out try this.

It has also caused me to research more for opportunities, as once they shoot, the next question, especially from parents, is how they can get involved with archery. So, we now try to direct them to NASP, local 4H archery, Centershot, and I even found great information on college opportunities. It has been a win-win proposition.

My next step is in trying to introduce it more to the local schools and especially impress upon their guidance counselors the potential college scholarship opportunities.

I can not thank you all enough for your kind support to our ministry, but I can safely say that this target has allowed me to see God's blessings.

I pray you have a very prosperous 2019 and look forward to continue dealing with you.

God bless,
Mark P. Frazier
Chairman, the REAL Tree Archers

Life in Haiti is hard. Not just on the adults but the children as well. The toys they have are stuff like jugs, sticks, and garbage bag kites. Just the thought of the joy that this Hoverball will bring to them is almost overwhelming to me. Not to mention the doors of opportunity that it will open. My goal eventually is to start a NASP-type archery program within the villages that we minister too. I’m not sure exactly what that looks like yet, but I needed a safe way to lay a foundation for archery and you have made that possible. The uses for the Hoverball will be unlimited but I see the main use in VBS and then training up and coming shooters safety, technique, equipment care and so on. Thank you for helping us shine a little bit of light into the darkness of Haiti.

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